Reflecting on Fake News

Whilst fake news was something I was aware of, the extent to which it is used now, its effect especially on politic events, and the dangers of filter bubbles were all new concepts I was able to explore this week.

What I learnt

I had been unaware that there had been 7 specific types of fake news, and Carl’s video educated me on what I must look out for!

Xavier’s video below enlightened me on the lure of clickbait, even though I knew the content to be false, I could not stop watching! His view on the sudden spike in fake news, he put down to the climate in 2016, something I had not considered in my post.

Solutions to Fake News

Discussions with Will broached possible solutions to the fake news epidemic. Verification of articles before posting, mirroring my own view, and ensuring all sources as referenced including country of publication were all points uncovered, however the feasibility remains an issue. With increasing numbers of fake news stories, a solution must be provided soon before numbers become overwhelming and nothing more can be done.

Will’s link to updated Google guidelines was particularly helpful as evidence of sites attempting to regulate and prevent further fake news being published.

Carl’s response to education as a key solution, which I had mentioned in my own post, highlighted educational but fun ways children 11-18 are taught to spot fake news (BBC News, 2018). Starting from a young age may be key to ensuring fake news is no longer believed.

How I could improve

In this week I was able to make a video, however I still struggled with embedding. I believe a more timely approach to commenting could have allowed me to interact more, however as I progress through this module I hope to continue learning from my mistakes and produce interesting and educational blog posts!

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My comment on Carl’s blog

My comment on Xavier’s blog



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